Private Applications

Private client applications are intended for a specific hosted Axosoft Account or Axosoft Installed database, and are best suited for internal, account-specific applications. If you have a private client application that you want made public, and you will be able to easily make the switch in the future (as long as you use the Authorization Code grant type for authorization).

Obtaining a private API key

To start writing your private client application, you will need to get a Client ID and Client Secret. They will be used to identify and authenticate your application.

Log into your Axosoft account with admin privileges, and open the System Options from the Tools menu. Under the Axosoft API Settings tab, enable the API and click "Manage API Keys". Your app will use the Client ID and Secret in conjunction with an Axosoft user's authorization to access Axosoft data. Remember to keep your Client Secret a secret!

  • Access System Settings

    Open System Options from the Tools menu.

  • Enable the API

    Under API Settings, check "Enable Api" and "Manage API Keys".

  • Generate Your API Key

    Click the "Generate New API Keys" button.

Access Limits

The default limits are 25 calls per second, and 1000 calls per day. The Axosoft API enforces quotas on the number of API calls that can be made on behalf of your client application. If either of the limits are reached, subsequent API calls made by your app will fail with a 503 Service Unavailable error.